What We Do

  • We design, establish, and manage charitable outlets for professional athletes who wish to make a difference in their communities.
  • We work with the athlete to identify a beneficiary in both the athlete’s hometown and the city where he works.
  • We ensure that this opportunity is easy, fun, personally rewarding, and financially and legally sound.
  • We provide ongoing support to help the charitable outlet become self-sustaining, and manage growth to ensure the best combination of community service and practical benefit to the athlete.

How We Do It

Media and public relations work:

  • Press Releases and media exposure for activities
  • Website creation and maintenance
  • Public Service Announcements and Videos
  • Graphic design for foundation branding and publications
Pursuit of Funding Partners:
  • Corporate Contributions
  • Direct-mail charitable campaigns
  • ephilanthropy (Using the web to spread message and solicit donations)
Ongoing legal and financial reporting to ensure highest level of benefit and minimized risk.

Fund-raising Events:

  • Work with the athlete to create both fund-raising and community-based events.
  • Oversee the entire planning process including sponsorship, volunteers, media partners, public relations, graphic design and event execution.
  • Review of each event with athlete within two weeks following.